Thursday, 16 August 2012

FEAT is coming - Thurs, 4 October

I get excited with every FEAT event coming up - this will be my 4th edition of this event and it is on Thursday, 4 October. I don't know all the speakers in person so it will be fabulous to meet them on the night. Their topics are great and there's a good bit of diversity. As always, there will be a few special bits on the night, which I'm sure you'll enjoy.

So... if you haven't got your tickets yet, do so soonest. Early birds not only get first choice of seats, they also get cheaper tickets at R150 until 27 August. From 28 August price goes to R180. And this time I've got a group booking option for 10 or more tickets. Groups benefit from the R150 rate until tickets are all sold out.

Links that you need are:
FEAT website -
Full event info (speakers, times, venue, parking etc) -
Online ticket bookings (no tickets available on the night) -

I do hope that you'll be there ;)

I may not be a graphic designer but I can drive a mouse and I'm pretty chuffed with how the poster I created for this event turned out. I started on a design about two weeks ago and then yesterday morning I got all creative and used some elements from my initial concept to create this. There's something quite satisfying about spending hours on the computer to create something and then getting it printed and seeing it look all pretty-pretty. BTW - I drew all the characters by hand!


Sue B said...

Take it from a pro - you did an enviable job! But then you always do, Lisa!

adventurelisa said...

Ah, thanks Sue ;)