Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sharing FEAT (and Urban Circus)

I've kinda had an inkling that word of FEAT is beginning to spread because I recently met a chap and he said, "Ah, you're the one behind FEAT". More than him linking me to FEAT I was charmed that he knew what it was. I didn't have to say, "Well, FEAT is this incredible evening of quick talks by South African adventurers across a range of adventure disciplines..."

And today I had a meeting with a chap who didn't know about FEAT until recently when he met someone in Cape Town who asked him if he knew about FEAT (he didn't then). And then a short period later another person mentioned it and then last week after two encounters where FEAT came up in a day he made contact with me. We've got great synergy for FEAT stuff along the way.

Being in my own bubble, I think about FEAT a lot. Not just in the months before the event but all the time. I've got so many 'plugins' that I want to add - but each in its own good time. So it is nice to hear this kind of feedback from within the industry and to know that people are talking about it.

Tickets opened just over three weeks ago and I think we're just over half of the tickets gone with five weeks to go. And there's one more week left of the early-bird rate (it ends Monday, 27 Aug - from Tues tickets go to R180 although group bookings stay at R150).

I really appreciate people letting their friends know about it and also the sharing that had been happening on Facebook. Thank you.

I looooovvveee Banff Mountain Film Festival and I go every year. A few years ago I hadn't heard yet when it was on and it was starting the next week. I booked my ticket and sent out a note to the AR group and to friends. My one friend replied to say that he'd already booked weeks ago. Ja dude, thanks for telling me. (I've asked for dates and details for this year's Banff - I'll let you know when I know).

And it is a bit like this with FEAT. Too many people say to me after the event, "I wish I'd known about it!". I can only do so much with media. The rest is very much a 'sharing is caring' thing. If you've got a friend who would enjoy FEAT, please tell them about it. Interestingly, the people who FEAT often makes the biggest impression on are the un-sporty partners who come along.

You can right-click and save the above image of the FEAT poster and email it to your friends. Don't wait for them to decide what-what before you book your tickets. You'll all be in the same room. Go ahead with your booking or you'll miss out - and I wouldn't want that.

To share something with you that I enjoy...

I've been going to circus school for a month now. We're mostly doing conditioning work on the various disciplines (chinese pole, trapeze, straps, silks, lyra and rope). After classes during my first two weeks I'd be really stiff the next morning. Now I'm not so stiff after classes but worked over - my body is adapting. Not easy, a good challenge and helluva fun.

Last night I did the craziest thing ever. I stood on a small trampoline with my back to the pole. Then, you look up to see the pole going upwards. Then, you jump and as you grab the pole you 'wedge' it into your shoulder and tuck your legs in (for the pole people, like a shoulder mount). So, your body is kinda horizontal to the ground and you're holding on to the pole and looking upwards. Hard to describe. Anyway, it is helluva scary jumping off that trampoline (we didn't give it a big bounce - that would be way too scary!) and I'm glad that Marco, our instructor, had his hand under my back to guide, reassure and catch me.

Anyway, my teachers and a bunch of other guests are presenting an 'Urban Circus' evening on Fri and Sat the 14 and 15 Sept. I'm going on the Saturday night (15th) to watch. There will be a whole bunch of aerial acts and it should make superb watching. Tickets are only R100 for adults and R80 for U16 (and old folks). It will be a great evening of something different and a wonderful display of strength, balance, agility and flexibility.

I hope to see you there.

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