Friday, 17 August 2012

What do you on week nights?

I like night. For running, writing, designing, creating, coming up with ideas... I'm certainly not the extreme type of night owl, as defined by Wiki, but I see my fair share of 1am and 2am bedtimes. I've been trying to be 'good' but even lookie now, it's just after midnight already.

My week nights are busy-busy. I usually run in the evenings - any time from 16h30. Then, I'm out two nights a week for circus school, which I'm adapting to. The first two weeks were tough but now I wake up feeling worked over, not stiff. Progress. I'm not teaching pole dance classes at the moment, but these will probably start again in the next month or two. I get back from circus around 21h30. I sometimes have orienteering meetings or AR Club meetings or our small 'Crochet Club' get-togethers. Earlier this year I did a photographic course, so I was out for a night a week there; and then there were yoga classes (studio closed for a couple of months - still closed)... Occasionally there are other activities - family dinner, theatre, a gig, a launch... any number of options to keep me more than occupied.

And when I come home? Late dins, maybe some telly (only got SABC so options really limited to Monday and Tuesday nights - but I've borrowed some CSI and 'Criminal Minds' box sets from a neighbour), certainly some emails to reply to or website updates to make. I also enjoy writing my magazine articles at night - it's quiet, emails don't come through thick and fast at night and I feel more creative and less distracted after 9pm.

Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet 'cos I'm frustrated at not getting around to things I want to do so I could be found in the kitchen trying a new recipe, working up a new bread dough for a slow, overnight rise (new hobby), experimenting with raw cookie mixes to go into the dehydrator overnight...

And when I feel like chilling and watching telly or DVDs I'm probably crocheting something at the same time. I'm really, really trying to finish a blankie I started over xmas and then left sitting for a few months. Some bright-spark (me!) thought it would be fun to make a blankie with four different square sizes, three different patterns to make the squares and five yarn colours... It looks fabulous but it really wasn't such a great idea. I'm about 65% done.

And then occasionally I have enough of all of the above and I watch something without doing anything else and with my cat on my lap. Total pleasure.

What do you get up to on week nights?

Ah, and every night I read before I go to sleep. Sometimes I only get through a page 'cos I can't keep my eyes open but I still read regardless. (I've been ploughing through running books recently, which I'll tell you about in another post). I don't often read during the day because it always ends up as a snooze too!

For now, it's bed time. Night-night.

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