Wednesday, 29 August 2012

On domestication

So, at lunch on Sunday I'm chatting to a woman (mother of five and grandmother to seven). We're talking about a variety of things including knitting (her) and crochet (me) and the lovely lunch (part of it prepared by me).

She asks whether I'm married and then, on hearing my answer of "No", she exclaims, "But you're so domesticated I would think that you'd be married!".

I responded that my life's purpose was not to look after, cook for or clean up after anyone and nor to produce child after child. Well, that closed the conversation and quietened the table.

We've come so far... not.

And on this topic it is helluva obtuse to ask someone, "Why aren't you married?".

You may just get, "Why are you so stupid?" in response.


gene @boutdrz said...

Hey, Lisa! thanks for the chuckle...I hope things are going well for you..

adventurelisa said...

Good article on Daily Maverick.

It came out yesterday.