Thursday, 25 October 2012

Kitty recovering

There are three things where things go wrong that I don't handle very well and all start with 'C'. Computer, car and, most of all, my cat. Bracken's recent illness turned me completely inside out. I get so teary and stressed out and it is only when she's out of danger that I start to relax.

She is doing so MUCH better today!

Yesterday, Wednesday, she was dehydrated, probably feeling nauseous, hadn't eaten, wasn't doing wees. She looked pained, sore and uncomfortable during Tuesday and vomiting after the anti-inflammatory oral meds didn't do her any favours.

She had a drip yesterday morning to hydrate her and it kicked in perfectly. By yesterday afternoon she was looking much better and less sore. She did wees and started eating. While I was doing tasks for orienteering last night she was my little companion, as usual. She took herself out for a wee before going to sleep and she was up three times in the night to go out.

She came to give me cuddle around 7am this morning and was looking much perkier - able to get on to my bed easily.

 We've just come back from Larry where she had another drip and an antibiotic injection. I'll give her another in the morning and my mom will take her on Sat and Sunday mornings (I'm away for orienteering coaching assessments but my phone will be with me should I need to come home quick-quick). When we got back she had some crunchies and some fish.

Larry thinks for sure she's had a virus, probably similar to the one she had years ago. It can manifest in sore joints and muscles, which is what I picked up first on Sunday afternoon. When we went to him on Monday her mouth didn't have any redness but it was on Wednesday. Today her mouth is much better but there's some redness still in her gums. He says there is a bit of bacterial involvement, which is why she's having the antibiotic jabs. She can't tolerate any oral medications so jabs are the only way to go. She's been very good. As for the virus, she has to work it out her system.

Bracken has some attitude back today - she gave Larry a displeased rumble when he gave her a shot, which is fabulous, and she's up and down the stairs and in much better spirits.

I'm not totally relaxed yet but at least I'm not bursting into tears every time I look at her ;)

 Thank you for your emails and thoughts for my little kitty.

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