Saturday, 6 October 2012

What a FEAT!

Thursday night was my fourth FEAT event - every one is quite different but just as special to me.

I'll write up a summary of the evening in the next day or so and am eagerly awaiting photos from Johan. Video edit starts next week.

Next time you're at a nail bar, ask for FEAT green ;)
I've got a great on-the-night team who make things happen.

  • Pam & Lauren always kindly handle the Guest Ticket Table.
  • Kyle was on microphone rigging (he was a speaker at the first FEAT and we've subsequently become good friends).
  • Jarrod was running the slides. He's got a fun project where he's trying his hand at many once-off jobs over a couple of months. Running slides at FEAT was his 13th job.
  • Alistair was on sound; he's run sound on all my events. I always know I'm in good hands with Al.
  • Sebushi and Vincent took care of the lighting. They've been with me since the last event.
  • ShowGroup do my screen and projector setup and Alesandro was with us on the night to keep an eye on things.
  • Fred is the best person for airport pickups - he got some of the speakers safely to the theatre - and on time. And then he was put to work putting up signs and banners at the theatre.
  • Pam and Mike enthusiastically took on random tasks including directing people to their seats and handing out FEAT fortune cookies.
  • Johan on photos, assisted by his wife (and my friend of 30 years) Allison.
  • My mom, Liz, in addition to speaking she got all the curtaining and black-out fixed just right (she also picked up Davey and the catering).
  • Roland Albertson, my cousin, had his arm twisted to do an acoustic version of his song 'White Wednesday', which is FEAT's theme tune.
  • Simon was a most superb MC for the night.
Sponsors are the ones who make FEAT possible. Ticket price would be considerably more without their backing. Black Diamond (thank you Simon and Tatus), CapeStorm (thank you Ryan, Bianca, Kirsten, Kobus and Mark), Group 6 Security Services (thank you Stephen and Andy) and Land Rover (thank you Roland).

And I've got such cool friends that when I ask them for a super adventurous prize for my Adventure Dream Lucky Draw, I get it. Thanks to Darron Raw for a Full Day River Rafting and Caving for two with Swazi Trails.

Go Multi and Getaway magazines assist greatly in getting word out about FEAT. In years to come there will be fewer people asking, "What is FEAT?".

And speakers are the ones who make the evening what it is. Christo Smeda, Ed February, Elsie Bezuidenhout, Elizabeth de Speville (my mom), Keith Jones, James Lea-Cox, James Pitman, Martin Dreyer and Rob Thomas - you're absolute stars for letting me convince you to do this (and enthusiastically agreeing!).

I had a BIG surprise planned for the evening and was delighted to have Davey du Plessis on stage. This was all arranged on Monday evening! Davey has just returned from the Amazon where his adventure was cut abruptly short when he was shot multiple times. He spent a month in and out of ICU in a Lima hospital. His story of survival is something else indeed!

So, more on FEAT over the next couple of days. I'm a zombie but totally happy and content after this wonderful evening.

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