Sunday, 7 October 2012

My favourite photos from FEAT

Photos this year at FEAT were taken by Johan Bosch. It's really hard to photograph people who are talking non-stop for seven minutes and many are walking around on stage too. He got some great shots. These are my favourites.

With my dear friend Allison before heading backstage for final preparations. Johan (the photographer) is Allison's husband and Allison and I have been buddies since we were five years old. I thought we were both meant to be pulling a funny face... 
With another dear friend, Lauren. We've known each other for years but got to know each other even better when we raced together in the 2008 edition of Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge. Lauren kindly volunteers every year to run the Guest Tickets table at FEAT.
Clowning around - and Johan caught me at it.
Christo Smeda
Davey du Plessis
Ed February

Elsie Bezuidenhout
FEAT fortune cookies with special quotes from adventurers (past and present) as the message
James Lea-Cox
James Pitman
Keith Jones
Elizabeth de Speville - my mom

Martin Dreyer

Rob Thomas
Roland Albertson - my cousin (singer-songwriter). The FEAT theme tune has been adapted from his song, 'White Wednesday', which you can download for free from his website. 
Simon Gear - our MC for the night
Simon's friend and running buddy Paula phoned me a couple of days before FEAT. Simon began his adventure dream earlier this year when he started his 9 marathon in 9 weeks in 9 Provinces 'adventure dream'. When his house was broken into Simon needed to stay behind with his family so he only did seven of the nine runs. His friends, Paula included, continued and they put together this lovely frame of medals from each of the events and a photograph of Simon in action. This was indeed a lovely surprise that I had the fortune to present to Simon.
The 'Adventure Dream' postcards are a new addition to FEAT. I had an idea for something like this and then Sean Verret, organiser of FEAT Canada, said he'd thought of doing postcards. This was a week before FEAT - so I quickly got hold of my local printer, sent off artwork and collected in time for FEAT. More on these at a later stage.
Having a good laugh
Everyone up on stage.

On the FEAT couch
A favourite of my favourites - big hugs from Ed February. He's an absolute gem and I'm so glad to have spent some time with him as he came up to Jo'burg early. 
There are more photos on FEAT's Facebook page (/featsa). The same collection is also on the FEAT website.

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Lobby said...

Lovely pics L, it was such a fun and inspiring evening :)