Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Kitty unwell. Lisa distressed.

My kitty is the light in my life and she's unwell. When my kitty is unwell I go into total distress.

trying to sleep - face looking pained
She started looking a bit off on Sunday. Fortunately I was at home the whole day with her. By Sunday night she was looking very uncomfortable and puffy. She didn't want to go out to pee and wasn't eating her crunchies. She was drinking only a little.

We went to Uncle Larry (our fabulous vet) on Monday morning. He poked and prodded and determined that her insides were ok (she was letting him prod) but he found a sore spot on her back. Well, she is 17.5 years old and back pain is very much a feature of old age.

He gave her an anti-inflammatory shot and she was doing pretty well on Monday afternoon - walking around in the garden and definitely looking more perky. And munching crunchies.

Yesterday she was very down and off again. I phoned Larry and he suggested an oral anti-inflam that I could give her. We're always very hesitant about oral meds for her because she generally doesn't tolerate them well. We learned this about five years ago when she went in for a mouth op (problems with teeth), reacted to the anaesthetic and antibiotics. We very nearly lost her.

I went to collect the anti-inflam and I gave her three drops. Within 20 mins she was vomiting. I phoned Larry and he suggested another anti-inflam shot on Thursday.

Well, my poor kitty is not faring very well. Her face looks sad and pained and her eyes are sunken. She isn't drinking much. Larry says that with a sore back they'll hold it in and try not to go because it hurts to get into a wee position. She hasn't eaten much since Monday afternoon. She's just curled up trying to sleep. I fear that there is more wrong than just a sore back.

I'm going to phone Larry in a few mins when the practice opens.

I go into total distress mode when my kitty is unwell, which has been so rarely in her life. At 17.5 years old I know we're on borrowed time - but I don't want to know. With our animals we feel so helpless especially when we're not sure what is wrong or how to help. I'd move the world for my little angel.


adventurelisa said...

We went to Larry this morning. He gave her a saline drip to help to hydrate her. This will also help with nausea, which is probably preventing her from wanting to eat.

He said her mouth is looking a little bit red, which is wasn't on Monday. He has a feeling it is the same virus she had five years ago, which can also manifest in joint pain.

He prodded her belly again and seems that all is ok in there. She also had a Vit B jab, "Like an athlete" I told her.

We've been home for about 20 mins and I've got her on my lap. She had a few crunchies and then came back to sit with me.

We'll do the drip thing again tomorrow morning. Larry says the virus has to run its course.

Lobby said...

So sorry to hear Bracken is ill, come on girl...get better quick:)

adventurelisa said...

Tnx Lobs. She's definitely a little more perky now that the hydration is kicking in. She has gotten up and had little bits to eat, which is way better than yesterday. Giving her lots of loves ;)