Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Running free

A dear friend came over for tea and catch up this evening so I knew I'd be in for a later run that usual. Out of habit and convenience I usually head out while it is still light, rarely returning much after dark. I usually run at night with friends. Safety? Perhaps.

For sure, there are good reasons not to be running around at night. Lone female out on the suburban roads, in the dark... I've never once felt threatened in my 20-plus years of suburb street running and yet there are an abundance of warnings that it isn't safe to be outside after dark. Founded? You can get hijacked in broad daylight (opportunistic?) as much as after sunset so I don't know that this makes a big difference? I do keep to well lit streets and in the area there are a number of security-guard houses that I pass. I saw one other runner, lit up like a xmas tree.

Tonight I left a bit before 7pm, running the whole way in the dark. This, combined with my runny nose on its way out and feeling great, made for just the most energising and exhilarating run that I've had for ages.

One of the racers who was here from Europe for Expedition Africa was saddened by our big walls and fences. He felt sorry for us that we live this way. I totally agree with him and explained that it wasn't like this when I grew up but that the fences and walls went up and we adapted our behaviour to being safety conscious and we got used to it. My running adapts too - keeping to the 'safety' of daylight even though I absolutely love running at night.

Tonight was my night.

It wasn't too late, but it was dark.

The suburb was mine.

There were few cars and fewer people.

This run was swift and strong.

And free.


Staci said...

Good for you Lisa. I can't run after dark - when i get home i get into homely-mode and find it almost impossible to go out to run.

adventurelisa said...

Staci - it helps that I don't have to cook dinner for children, do homework, put them to bed. If I only eat at 9pm, that's fine.

Also, I work from home so I can't let myself get into a homely-mode until everything that needs to be done is done. Some days I definitely do battle to get out - so much easier to just stay in. But important to get out! ;)