Sunday, 19 May 2013

The first seven days. Done.

I'm already seven days done with my annual pre-birthday game. 30 days to go.

I've had a pretty easy week as I've been down with a snotty nose following Expedition Africa. I was a bit spooked on Thursday morning when I woke up as it felt like the simple nose-cold was descending into my chest, but fortunately its progress halted and this morning I woke up feeling mostly normal again - except for a remaining slightly runny nose. I hope I can run away from it this week.

My week was a comfy 43km week with a mix of runs from road to putting out and collecting orienteering controls at my adventure navigation course on Saturday, and two runs with the huskies down the road.

I've also thrown in a '30 Day Squat Challenge' to my mix (I'm on Day 4). I've seen it going around on FB. I'll tell you more about this later in the month as we're going to do it for our AR Club Challenge for June. Fred has added in two other levels for this challenge, especially for squat novices and intermediates.

By my birthday I should have fit heart and lungs as well as squat-sculpted buns *grin*

Tomorrow, Monday, welcomes Week 2 of '37 Days of Running'. Bring it on.

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