Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sneaking in some Berg running

Being out in the Drakensberg for Expedition Africa makes my feet itch for running in this wonderful scenery.

Yesterday I headed out in the afternoon taking the 'River Walk' sign I saw when we drove in. It took me down to the river but didn't seem to go anywhere else and I couldn't see any trails running along the river.

Fortunately I met up with a local fellow who said that I could cross the river, running up into the local settlement where the trail meets a road. He directed me to follow the road, which would then loop back to the hotel.

Crossing the Tugela. Crystal clear - and very chilly!

The road back to the hotel.
It turned into a lovely run with excellent conditions and a refreshing breeze.

This afternoon I took off on the mountain bike trail, which runs past the hotel. It's a lovely route in the lower Berg. I asked the security lady at the gate whether it loops back. She spoke to a chap on the radio who said that it was the type of route where I'd have to turn around to get back here.

A lovely, lovely route. Smooth underfoot and with only a few climbs. Very pretty with a big, open, blue sky

Climbing up a rise to take a(nother) photo of the Amphitheatre. The teams are going to ascend it tomorrow morning - I'll be driving around to the Sentinal carpark.

Trail. Bliss.
That's the hotel down below. Heading back in time for Leg 1 briefing.
Love. Baby. Cow.

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