Monday, 27 May 2013

14 days of '37 Days of running'. Done.

The days tick over easily and already I'm 14 days completed of my annual pre-birthday game.

I've done many runs this week in the dark - I'm just loving the peace and solitude of night.

Ah... I bought myself some running treats this past week. Two new pairs of 3/4 tights (Under Armour and New Balance). I really like 3/4 'cos they keep my knees warm! And also a new pair of long tights (New Balance) for when it is nippy.

I've got a couple of pairs of Capestorm and FirstAscent lycra tights that I've had for five or six years but I'm so sick of the white external stitching (tights from both brands look the same). These tights last for years because they're hardy and I don't wear them that often. I've been craving something new! My old tights are relegated to AR and orienteering races - they stand up very well to being treated roughly. For training and running, I've got new tights now ;) (FYI - it is more expensive to buy local brands than the imports...).

My Google Earth image is getting very colourful.

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