Sunday, 30 March 2014

East-West House-to-House Night Run adventure

I cooked up an idea a few weeks ago about running between my house and my friend's house - at night... We live on opposite sides of Jo'burg.

Last night we did it!

My running buddy, Rob.
We set out at around 19h30 and expected the 24-kilometre route to take us around three hours, which it did (just slightly less).

The route starts off with a hill - from Bedford Gardens and up over Linksfield Ridge. Through Houghton, Killarney, Zoo area, Parktown, Greenside and Emmarentia - easy, lovely running. It was fun running past the buzzing restaurants in Greenside. Then through to the southern slope of Northcliff - up the side of Albert's Farm. Over the top past the water tower and down into Bergbron.

Bam-bam... that's East-to-West across JHB pretty much from Gilloolies to Gordon Rd. Route measured 24.3km in total.

There's something so much more fun about running an A-to-B route instead of a loop - and at night. Totally invigorating! 

Our thanks to Rob's brother-in-law for dropping us off and extra special thanks to my run buddy for being game.

Now I'm cooking up a North-South route for April...

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Staci said...

I love your adventurousness.
I like north to south - let me know please.