Friday, 7 November 2014

Hi-Tec Swerve sandals (review)

I got my first pair of Hi-Tec active sandals a few years ago - Waimea Falls is the name of the model. I don't wear them all the time although I recently lived in them when I went kayaking and camping on the Orange River. They were on my feet in and out of the water for a few days. I mostly use them for trips of this nature - not everyday use.

I've got the darker chocolate-y ones

I've been very happy with them. Until these arrived...

Meet the Hi-Tec Swerve women's sandals...

I've had them for three weeks and I don't think that a day has gone by that I haven't worn them. Driving, to the shops, walking around, with jeans and out to movies, to friends, with a sundress, with shorts...

Where Waimea Falls works for kayaking and bushy-outdoorsy walking with its behind-the-ankle fastening, the Swerve sandal is prettier with its charcoal/emerald colourway and sweet stitch details. It also comes in a chocolate/pink colourway. And as the Swerve doesn't have the ankle fastening, it is a comfortable and quick-to-slip-on sandal.

I wear a UK8 in these, which is equivalent to a real size 7 at Woolies. The buckle strap on top of the foot is adjustable - I'm wearing it as it came, which is perfect for me. The buckle connection is elasticated, which I like because then the strap 'stretches' across the top of the foot as you walk to improve the comfort without restraint. For me, the buckle adds to the pretty appeal of this sandal - there's something about Velcro that reduces prettiness, no matter how sweet a design.

It's a light sandal despite the thick, cushioned sole. This is no flip-flop. One sandal weighs 198g (for comparison, it's the exact same weight as the Waimea Falls sandal; the sole of the Swerve is just slightly more puffy).

I like that there are a number of criss-cross straps; it means that the sandals stay on securely and don't slop when you walk. The 't' between your toes is not intrusive because of the strap support.

As far as sporty-looking, walk-about, all-purpose sandals go, I give the Hi-Tec Swerve a BIG thumbs up. They've been on my feet daily for the better part of three weeks and I don't see them being anywhere else -at least until winter next year.

My thanks to Hi-Tec for sending me these sandals to enjoy and review.

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