Monday, 17 November 2014

Running under jacarandas

Spring and Summer are seasons where Johannesburg really delivers. If it isn't the fruit tree blossoms and jasmine, then it's the jacarandas, bougainvillea and mulberries that make my heart soar out on the road.

On Thursday morning I headed into Kensington and realised that I didn't have much longer to enjoy running on the purple carpet made by jacaranda flowers on the tar. As my weekly run with Rob was scheduled for that evening, I sent him a message reading, "Got a great route in mind for our run this evening. Think purple...".

He replied, "Jacarandas?"

"Maybe..." (with a smiley) was my answer. OK, so 'purple' in the clue was a dead giveaway...

Fresh from the rain, it was a super run. Kensington is a suburb that stands out for its jacaranda display. We ran along Highland Road and up to the Scottish War Memorial, which is up near Jeppe Boys. It's a super view from here down Bez Valley and across Kensington. The sky was crystal clear too - we could see for miles in every direction.

I'm glad we made it before the jacaranda flowers finished.

Panoramic from the Scottish War Memorial
Looking towards JHB city
Pretty pretty

Rob taking the hills of Kensington in style

Rob on the next climb

Enjoying this urban forest

Lovely old jacaranda trees on Highland Road

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