Monday, 1 June 2015

3 days of running to go

I haven't had a great one for my "39 Days of Running" this year as I've been down with a cough and cold since I returned from Cape Town two weeks ago. This has been more of a "Two weeks of running, two weeks of walking" game.

On Saturday I did the Woodlands parkrun with my friend Staci, who was doing her 50th parkrun. She is also down with a cold. And my friend Rob was with us too - also down with flu / other sort of lurgy. We all walked, with a few trots on the downs.

Yesterday evening I did my first proper walk-jog and will probably have a few more days of light 'n easy activity until the cough is gone and my chest is properly clear.

My annual pre-birthday game of "39 Days of Running" officially ends on Wednesday (today is Day 37) but as I'm no longer going to Expedition Africa and I've been 'cheated' out of two weeks of running with this cold, I'll just keep going until my birthday on 18 June.

Following our SA runners at the IAU Trail World Champs in France on Saturday was incredibly exciting even though I only had split times on the race website to follow. Very good results from our runners. (These releases written by me for K-Way - they sponsor AJ Calitz and Nicolette Griffioen).

And the good few hours spent on the couch watching Comrades on Sunday morning made for a wonderful weekend of running inspiration.

There were loads of incredible pre-Comrades runs done, the most notable being the Ten10 challenge undertaken by my friend Hazel Moller. Her aim was to run 10 x Comrades distances (90km) in 10 days from Jo'burg to Durban with the 10th run being Comrades itself. She managed all but Day 8, which was a tough one for her. I think she ran about 25km of Day 8 and then needed to eat and sleep before getting on her feet again for Day 9 and Comrades on Day 10. A phenomenal achievement.

Michael and Laura de Haast did a Comrades double by running down on Saturday and up on Sunday.

You can read about inspiring runs on FEAT.

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