Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Many days of running

After three weeks of illness I've been back to running for a week and it is nice to see my mileage gaining ground again. I've kept up daily running - or walking - since I started my annual pre-birthday game on Saturday, 25 April 2015.

It was meant to be '39 Days of Running' - in celebration of my 39th birthday. I started my runs early this year as I would have been at Expedition Africa. But as I stayed home, I decided to just keep going. Tomorrow, on my birthday day, I'll clock '54 Days of Running/Walking'.

I'm heading off for a birthday surprise this afternoon. I don't know where I'm being taken to for the next few days. I do know that it isn't too far away (no driving for hours) and that there are some mountain biking trails.

Celliers writes in his packing instructions email, "There are some mtb routes, not sure how long. Just pack your cycling clothes then. And clothes/shoes for walking/running. But I guess that is a given. :-)".

He's a fast learner.

My mom has baked me a delicious chocolate cake with a decadent chocolate icing. She reports that there is a slab of dark chocolate melted into the icing. Yum!

The internet has some good - and funny - images related to birthdays. Here are a few for 39. Big one next year.

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