Monday, 17 August 2015

Ecomobility road closures in October

I'm cooking up a mini-Metrogaine for the month of October in the Sandton CBD for the Ecomobility World Festival, which I wrote about back in March this year.

For the whole month ('transport month' in SA) a number of streets in the Sandton CBD will be closed to traffic - open only to "pedestrians and cyclists as well as tuk tuks or similar vehicles powered by clean energy (biogas or electricity). These streets will be used for activities, including street festivals, an outdoor exhibition of ecomobile vehicles, a test track for such vehicles, road safety activities, walks, runs and possibly an outdoor gym." (from a post on the Tourism Update website from 9 April 2015)

I've searched around but haven't been able to find an actual map of the CBD and which roads will be closed; but I did find a description on the Tourism Update website (mentioned above). So, I made a quick map.

According to the descriptions given, this is what the CBD will look like in October:

Red shows the roads proposed to be closed to cars. No mention made of Maude Street.

Green shows the temporary loop for public transport vehicles where "All vehicle accesses to buildings on these roads will be able to be used".

There's a plan for the green loop to become a permanent public transport loop "where one lane on the kerb side will be dedicated for public and the sidewalks will be expanded to accommodate more pedestrians by June 2016". Cycle lanes will be introduced to the CBD by October 2015.

A post in the Business Day (early August 2015) says that 27km of cycle lanes will connect Rosebank and Sandton. "The routes connect Rosebank to Sandton, Melrose Arch, Saxonwold, the Zoo, Parkview, Parkhurst and Victory Park." Construction will start in June 2016.

[UPDATE] Found it! Finally.
A map on the 'Transport Management Plan' page.

For more on the Ecomobility World Festival, check out their website -

Here are some video documentaries from the Ecomobility World Festival held in Suwon City, South Korea in 2013.

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