Wednesday, 19 August 2015

There is such thing as a stupid question

I wrote recently about Gerrie, my new favourite race organiser. He's the guy in charge of things for the Dawn2Dusk 12hr Circuit Race that I'm doing next Saturday (29 Aug).

Gerrie just sent through an email highlighting some of the questions that he's been asked recently.

While I recognise the theme of some, I've never been blessed to receive some of these other gems. I think I'm going to start a 'pre-event questions collection' too.

Here are ones that Gerrie has received:

  • How much time do I have to complete the 12 hour circuit race?
  •  I see on the pamphlet that entries closed on 30 June. Is it too late to enter? (they asked this on 17 August
  • The instructions you send me indicates that you have to complete four races with the SAME partner to receive a permanent number. Is it true? 
  •  If I only run "a 10 km" do I get a medal? (the race info states clearly that you have to do 80km to get a medal)
  •  We want to enter four people as a team of two. Is that OK? 
  •  Your letter states we can pitch a gazebo, tent or caravan next to the course. Is it compulsory? If so, what is the penalty if we don’t? 
  •  Do I need to have a partner if I run individually? 
  •  What happens if my Championchip counts incorrectly? 
  •  My partner (my wife) and I are in the process of divorcing. Can I withdraw on 70 km leaving her stranded with not enough time to finish? 
 "As organiser, I rest my case !!!!" Gerrie adds.

Looking on google for images of 'stupid question' to decorate this post, I found some gems - favourites below:

This should read "... Have never organised an event"

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