Wednesday, 30 August 2017

My first YOLO video

I felt really silly standing in my garden talking to a video camera on a tripod... but that's how I managed to tick "Make a video for YOLO Compost Tumbler" off my to do list today.

Back in the day (from late 2002 into 2004 or so), I worked on Drifter Adventure Zone - a adventure racing / activity series on Supersport. I was a 'camerachick' and I also wrote scripts for the show and I sat in voice over and sound editing working with the voice-over artists and sound editors. I absolutely loved it. I learned so much about tv and content and editing and production. Since then, I haven't had a need to do any video work, despite the passion I had for my work there at the time.

Yesterday, I shot a bunch of clips in my garden for YOLO and last night I put them together in a 1:50 video that briefly explains how to use a YOLO Compost Tumbler.

I'm using the online video editing program WeVideo. My current (and previous) laptop doesn't have the capacity to run video editing software (I've got Adobe Premiere but I've never been able to load it!). I found WeVideo online and I worked through their tutorial a few weeks ago. I found it to be simple, efficient and user-friendly.Ba-boom! Video done.

I have a list of short and snappy videos that I'd like to make for YOLO over the next few weeks. Both my editing and presenting is sure to get better with practice! This first video is the start.

Even with my background experience in video, I've never felt the need to video blog or shoot footage of all and sundry. Writing is my chosen medium but now it is time to adapt. Woof-woof (old dog learning new tricks).

Here is my video...

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