Sunday, 20 August 2017

Rietpoort scouting outing

We were out at Rietpoort today to scout trails for Ruben and Kyla's biking and hiking birthday outings next weekend. Ruben and his guy friends will be doing a mountain biking ride-and-picnic; Kyla and her girl friends will be doing a hike-and-picnic. I'm really delighted that the children chose - of their own accord - to do active 'parties' for their birthdays this year.

Rusty was delighted to come out here again - her 3rd time. She'll come with us for the birthday outings too next weekend - running along as we bike and hike.

Although the area is still so end-of-winter dry and brown, the aloe flowers are still out and the place is lovely in the way that winter highveld scenery can be.

Celliers with Ruben and Kyla. The children turned 9 and 12 respectively at the beginning of August. I first met the children around about now three years ago. Looking recently at old photos I saw how little they were and how much they have grown.

The swing is going to be a winner for the parties... Celliers shows us how it is done

Ruben and Kyla walking along together.

Ah... Kyla and Ruben

Kyla getting some air.

Ruben with a couple of feathers in his cap

"Higher papa, higher!"
I'm looking forward to having the children's friends with us next weekend. We know most of them and look forward to meeting the others and getting to know them.

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