Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Hike-and-picnic children's birthday parties

Ruben and Kyla's birthdays were at the beginning of August when they turned 9 and 12 respectively. Already earlier this year the children had said that they would be keen for outdoor parties. Ruben was keen on a bike-and-picnic with his friends; Kyla was keen for a hike-and-picnic with her friends.

Ruben was sick all of last week and spent four days off school and in bed with bronchitis. The poor thing had the most awful cough. Fortunately, he began taking a turn for the better about a day and a half before his party but as biking would have been too strenuous for him we opted for a walk-and-picnic instead.

Kyla had three friends for her hike-and-picnic at Rietpoort. We took them up on to the ridge to enjoy the view. Both the hike and the picnic were winners. Two of the girls slept over too and seem to have enjoyed their time with us.

Ruben had two friends with him. The boys loved clambouring over rocks and playing with the crazy, rock-chewing Jack Russell that lives on the farm (we've learned that the dog's name is Spookie). The boys also skipped rocks at the little dam.

These birthday outings suited me, Celliers and Rusty perfectly as we got to be outside too and it is a nice way to get to know the children's friends.

Outdoor scenes

Mari, Alex, Chamotè and Kyla
Scenes from the day

Rusty enjoying the picnic with the boys

A bit of photo editing fun with Ruben, Frederik, Pauli and Spookie the dog.

Celliers enjoying some stone skipping too. He showed the boys how it was done with a stone that made 8 skips!

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