Sunday, 10 September 2017

Moon-hunting walk

Wednesday was full moon so on Thursday evening I headed off to Otters with Rusty, my mom, her dog Tansy and Kyla. We were meeting up with Karen and her dogs Rocksy and Skally for a walk to a good vantage point to watch the moon coming up.

Selfie - that's the main Otters Haunt gate behind me and mom and Tansy coming up the track. Karen, Kyla and dogs where ahead. Tansy sometimes refuses to walk and has to be carried for some encouragement...
Me and my mom - and Tansy. I got the shadow across my face but figured it was a nice photo of me and mom together - worth posting. xxx
My mom and Kyla hadn't been to the quarry side before so it was nice to show them a new part of our regular haunt.

Skally in front. She is Karen's new companion. Sadly Karen said goodbye to very old Shadow on Wednesday. That's Rocksy near Kyla. Karen is behind Kyla and Liz and Tansy behind them. Rusty was with me.
Rusty xxx
So, we got up high and checked out the view of the hills of the Vredefort Dome and looked towards Parys from where the moon would be rising.

No moon.

So we continued along the trail, the light fading fast. Still no moon.

We walked all the way back to Otters in the dark. Still no moon.

We drove home (only a few minutes). Still no moon.

We were right monkeys! Of course, we could have looked up the moon rise time but we figured that it would just be a little later than the night before. I still haven't looked it up but by 19h30 the moon was still nowhere to be seen.

Nonetheless, the hunting the moon is what got us out for an enjoyable walk. The air was warm, the air was fresh and it was a joy to be out with friends and dogs in the dark and to see the lights of the town and farmhouses all around. Spring is on its way out (already!) and summer is on its way in.

I'm definitely game for more moon walks. Even if we don't see the moon.

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