Tuesday, 19 September 2017

We didn't win but what an experience

We didn't win at the Sage Small Business Awards with 702; but what a good experience this has been.

From filling in the form to the on-air interview, video crew at our factory and this afternoon at the 702 studio with the other finalists, it has been an uplifting experience.

Aside from the wider exposure and subsequent orders, which we appreciate and need, just being selected as a finalist has been a pat-on-the-back to say we're OK, our product is a good one and it is interesting. This has been a thumbs-up that we needed.

We're enjoying great feedback and interactions from customers, which makes up for the generally tough time that small businesses go through to get them off the ground.

The past year has definitely not been all 'Facebook'. It has been tough and the road is not going to be any less bumpy for some time.

There is light. We're making a great product. And we're making a difference too.

I'm off on Thursday morning to head to The Garden Show in Pietermaritzburg - it runs Friday to Monday.

Hip-hip-hooray for YOLO!

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