Thursday, 1 April 2021

Feel-good viewing

For the past few months, I've been working my way through a number of series on Netflix. I may watch one episode a night, sometimes two and sometimes none, so it can take a while to complete a season.

The types of shows that I am really enjoying are skill-based reality shows. Aside from deriving pleasure from watching and learning about different talents and skills - and seeing these develop as the season progresses - I most enjoy the feel-good element of these shows.

The shows usually involve competition and an ultimate winner; someone is eliminated at the end of each episode. But, the interactions are not dog-eat-dog. Instead, the participants are supportive of each other and the judges too are personable, positive and encouraging.

When you mouse-over shows, they have, a la TED Talks, three words that encapsulate the show, like Sentimental * Heartfelt * Emotional or Suspenseful * Mystery * Drama or Controversial * Provocative * Investigative.

I'm into shows where one of the words is Feel-Good. 

I'm not sure which one got me started but the shows that I have really enjoyed include:

Blown Away - glass blowing (two seasons)

The Big Flower Fight - pairs and large scale flower arranging (one season)

Glow-up - make up artistry (two seasons)

Next In Fashion - fashion design pairs battle it out with themed challenges each week (one season)

Interior Design Masters - interior design pairs have to do make-overs (one season)

Restaurants On The Edge - a restauranteur, chef and interior designer travel to different locations and help a struggling restaurant to get back on its feet with the tools to survive and thrive (two seasons - just finished this. More, more, more!)

In terms of creative crafts, I'd like to see a ceramics version of 'Blown Away'. Or even something with wood working or welding. 

How about a musical variation? I'm thinking music composition,  mixing, songwriting... Participants (composers / songwriters) can come from different styles i.e. classical, rap, pop, blues, jazz and even a DJ and each episode they have to create a piece of music that meets an objective according to a theme.

While some participants may be quirky, they are nice (with very few exceptions), as well as appreciative, positive, hard-working, and thankful. There is a lot of kindness involved too.

Feel-good viewing is working for me. 

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