Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Trails in George already covered

 I live within one to two kilometres of points that give me access to any number of trails above George. While I am on some of the sections a few times a week, I do branch out occasionally to enjoy others that I need to drive to get to (between 2.5 minutes and 10 minutes drive). I also like hitting new sections to mix it up.

I decided to colour all the trails that I've been on in pink. The yellow circles show the 'entrances' that I use to get on to the trails. The yellow, green and orange tracks are the ones on the map that I have not yet explored.

I haven't done anything on this Witfontein side for two reasons. This is the section where cyclist hijacking and hiker holds-ups have occurred. There are not many incidences, but there have been some (including a few earlier this year too). The trail and mountain biking communities have rallied around this and there are now security patrols in the area. I just figure that being out on my own and with so many great trails around me, that I don't need to be on these trails. I'd like to check them out but I'll then do so with company. I've never been scared being out on my own, but I also take heed and won't go to a 'higher-risk' area if I don't need to.


I've only recently begun using the right-hand-side routes more regularly. The others (centre and left) are my main haunts.

These trails and tracks around the Garden Route Dam make for easy jogging and hiking. There are still a good number for me to try and also to link up with the 'water station' side.

I'm not yet running 'properly' but I am walking and hiking and trotting. I guess I cover around 5-7km per day - maybe more on weekends when I have more time available.

I am very fortunate to have this in my backyard and, as you can see, I still have so many more trails to cover (and there are still the mountain peak routes too!).

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