Friday, 16 April 2021

A chameleon gave me a hug

Driving to the factory this afternoon, I had a memorable, poignant life experience.

I noticed something on the road and as I got nearer I realised that it was a chameleon. I pulled over. I picked him up and let him walk up my hand and wrist.

And then it happened. The chameleon gave me a 'hug'.

Within a minute of having him on my wrist, his movement changed. He gripped tighter with his little chameleon feet, lowered his belly onto my skin and turned his head to the side, pressing his eye and cheek into me.

It was a time-stood-still magical few minutes. I tried to get a photo because it was just so incredible. It is blurry but you can see his turned head and eyes.

I wanted to take him with me to release near my house where the terrain will be so much better for him but I didn't have anywhere safe and suitable to keep him. I put him in a nearby tree. 

When I left the factory 90-minutes later, I stopped at the tree and searched it and the surroundings but saw no sign of him. I'm not going to be able to drive past there without a good look as I pass for any sign of him. Not easy to spot a chameleon when they're the same colour as their surroundings! 

This experience really was something that I'll long remember.

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