Saturday, 17 April 2021

Trails (almost) all my own

Every Monday, George Trail Running presents a social trail run. They put out different routes of about 8km on the whatsapp group. Apparently there can be upwards of 65 people - even over 100 at each session. There is also a Thursday evening time trial that I have not yet been to. 

I've only been to one Monday evening. I set out earlier with the dogs and met them halfway. It was a good crowd.

I'm out on the trails almost every evening and it is so seldom that I see anyone. Sure, there are a lot of trails around, but on the close and most accessible routes I would expect to see runners out. 

There is a sizeable trail running community in George and I have often wondered where they are on all the other days of the week. Perhaps they are morning people?

I think I have solved some of the puzzle...

With the long summer evenings, I would hit the trails at 6pm or even 7pm. Now that the sun is setting earlier as the winter months approach, I am going out earlier and, as a result, I'm seeing more people. Not lots, but maybe one to three every few days. 

They have probably always been going out at the same time. It is now me that has changed with the season. I'm now heading out at their normal time.

In puzzling over where the runners (and walkers) are, I also think that many of the runners stick to tar in the week and favour the trails only for the organised sessions?

While I do wonder where the runners are, I'm also very glad to have the trails all to myself and happy for them to say like this. 

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