Sunday, 27 June 2021

Bifurcation of people in your life

I am in Jo'burg for a few days. I came up on Wednesday for a small business show background shoot (for YOLO) on Thursday. The studio shoot with the small business panel is on Tuesday so I decided to stay here instead of flying twice.

Being in Jo'burg over the weekend, my initial thoughts were to catch up on visiting friends and relations that I have not seen in person for two years (or more!). My dance card was looking quite full and I was excited about spending time with people. But, with South Africa in the 3rd wave and COVID numbers racking up in Gauteng, I cancelled all arrangements and decided to stay put. 

My flight into Jo'burg took me over Parys and also over my old Jo'burg home. Driving through suburbs in the city that were my old stomping grounds has made me reminisce about people, places and experiences. 

Good people. There really are so many good people around. 

Because my activities have been diverse over the last 25 years, people have come and gone in my life. For a period, our lives would have been on the same path with regular interactions. And then, the path bifurcates and we no longer see each other regularly. That we don't meet up or communicate regularly is a matter of circumstance, not a lack of fondness. 

I really need to get into the habit of regular catch-ups with friends on Zoom or Whatsapp video. Sure, there is the keeping up with people on Facebook, odd Whatsapp messages and birthday calls, but seeing someone's face while you enjoy a good chat does enhance the connection. I'm not very good at reaching out, despite liking, caring and thinking often people that have been in my life. I'm really too caught up in my every day.

 I can improve by making a point to call a friend or relative once-a-week. Committing to more than this may stretch my natural inclination, so I'd rather aim for something that I can handle but that also fulfils a need to just say hi.

I'm staying with my aunt and uncle in Jo'burg. My uncle is a social creature with friendships that span 40, 50, 60 years. Something that he is really good at is giving his friends a call to say hi and to catch up. An admirable trait that's worth adopting.

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