Monday, 28 June 2021

Inbox insanity

 My inbox look(ed) a lot like this:

Everything is there and I generally know that I can find emails but I do know that there are probably some messages that I've missed.

Over the weekend I helped my uncle with his email folders and decided to be more like him - very neat and organised inbox and folders - by attacking the long-awaited to-do list item of email filing.

I've worked through over 4,500 emails in the inboxes of three email accounts in a day and a bit.  Yes, I also delete emails daily too! These are just emails sitting in my inboxes (all but a few lost souls have been read and replied to) and exclude the count of emails already filed into folders! 

When I got a new laptop in August last year, I started with a clean slate - I did not transfer my emails over from my old computer.

Really, this is ridiculous! The volume of communication that is ongoing is crazy. To say nothing of Whatsapps and and Facebook Messenger messages and the odd ones on Instagram. 

I'm aiming to be a lot more organised in my email processing and filing. With my inboxes cleaned up, I feel a little more in control. Long may this continue.

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