Monday, 7 June 2021

Fun fungi names

Many fungi have fitting names that match their shape, texture, colour or application. This makes it easier to remember their names.

I found this 'shroom on Saturday afternoon.

The cap feels a bit sticky and spongy - much like bread dough. I show it to my mom and say to her, "Feel the cap. It feels like bread dough".

I get home and look it up in my fungus book, "Field guide to mushrooms & other fungi of South Africa". It is a bolete type of fungus Suillus luteus -  a mushroom with a fleshy cap that has tubes instead of gills and the tubes open to the surface underneath the cap as pores that release the spores.

It goes by the common names of Slippery Jack and... (this one comes as no surprise) Sticky Bun!

I made a spore print from it.

The ripple effect is because my laminator chewed it up and scrunched it as it was going through.
haha haha

Where the pores were closer to the sheet of paper, the print is more defined. Less defined where even the lightest breeze could disturb the print.

Of interest, this one is edible - " one of the better edible sticky caps". I'm not much into foraging mushrooms for eating (too risky!) - just for photographing and discovering.

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