Thursday, 12 May 2022

Days of Yoga

 I'm a week into my annual pre-birthday 'Days of Running' challenge, which this year is Days of Yoga.

I've committed to doing a yoga class every night. I'm following Lesley Fightmaster's classes on YouTube. Sadly, Lesley passed away about 18 months ago, but her legacy is her YouTube channel and the hundreds of classes she created and shared on YouTube. 

I've enjoyed a number of her 25-minute stretch or flow classes. This week I had to trade some yoga for map drawing for the Find It Checkpoint Challenge. Instead of doing a class, which I was really too tired for at 2am or 3am, I showed up on my mat for a few sun salutations and then crawled into bed. I figure some is better than none. Now that my event planning is done, I'll be back online with Lesley.

The one area that I'm really feeling the benefits is in my back in upward dog. My lower back was really tight (probably from too many solid hours spent at my computer) and has loosened up a lot already. 

I'll steadily do longer and longer videos and probably next weekend I'll hit a primary series class video. Been a while. For now, the 25 minute classes are getting me on my mat and I'm enjoying the calming - body and mind - of these classes before bed.

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