Sunday, 29 May 2022

Factory sale success

 I've got a factory sale on my YOLO Compost Tumblers at the moment. I created a Facebook advert for this and put it out there. 

I've found Facebook ads to be a hit-and-miss. The last one I did got many likes from dummy profiles and people completely outside of my target market. I once addressed this to Facebook - and got a response. The customer care person suggested that my ad was perhaps recruiting new customers. Hard to describe to someone outside of South Africa how I know my market and how I know when I look at the profiles of people that these people don't really exist. I left it.

This ad seems to have hit the mark with better-than-expected uptake.

The factory sale is well timed as autumn and winter are great season to get into composting. Lawn cuttings are at a low (less volume to deal with when you're starting out on a composting journey) and carbon-rich dry leaves are abundant - a key source of dry materials to 'balance' out moisture-rich kitchen peelings.

Over the past year or so, the factory has collected a bunch of tumbler shells that have blemishes of some or other kind. These are usually the same colour as the plastic and range from pre-heating marks to porosity, smudged logos or overcooking discolouration (darker than normal) inside. Blemishes have no effect on the structure and longevity of the shell. Purely aesthetic, like a scar or pimple on you. The factory passes on a good discount to me to move the units, which take up space, and to get back some of their spend on material, gas, and labour.

The factory sale has gone well with all but three units (one small, two medium) gone. This has been a good exercise to go through.

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