Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Body Rockin'

Well over a year ago Fred showed me some exercise videos on www.bodyrock.tv - this really zippy lass, Zuzana. Foreign accent and serious workouts all focused on using own bodyweight or basic accessories.

The principle behind BodyRock is that you can exercise in your living room. Short sessions with a couple of exercises that are done for 50 seconds with 10 seconds rest. Three sets. So, you're looking at high intensity sessions of only 12-minutes.

Since I first visited the site BodyRock seems to have gone from strength to strength (literally!). Neat layout and presentation, a number of different instructors, superb videos (massive amount of content) and regular 30-day challenges.

The instructors are quite something. Really phenomenal physiques. Eye-catching abs and bigger-than-what-nature-gave-them endowments. The camerawork on the videos is very oogling - for want of a better word - and photos on the site and FB are seriously posed and pimped (aspirational?) but the fundamental is that BodyRock is fun and it adds great variety to your workouts.

The names of the workouts rock too. Like "300 rep fat slaughter workout" for today's SCULPT session or "Sexy booty curves!" and "It will rain sweat workout" and "Kissable hot abs challenge". Silly and fun.

With all of these strengthening exercises I hope to get my yoga 'jump throughs' over the next year and I've got no doubt that being stronger with even better core that the more acrobatic moves that I'm working on in pole will improve.

I went on to the site on Saturday and decided to take up their May 30 Day Challenge. They have a calendar / timetable for the month (it's on Facebook) and the programme runs Monday to Friday with active rest on weekends. Every day they post videos of the workouts that you have to do. They have tutorial videos for the workouts, which is great if you're new to them. In the tutorial they show you how to do the exercise properly and also give you variations - like if you're beginner, intermediate, advanced. Also variations on equipment - like if you don't have a sandbag you can use hand-held weights or no weights at all.

Day 1 of the challenge is mostly about doing a fitness test. You do the four exercises, write down your scores and then you'll revisit this after the 30 days.

Day 2 was a FLOW, which is demonstrated by a yoga lass. These exercises use yoga moves.

Day 3 had BURN and SCULPT sessions, which got me sweating.

Day 4, which I did this evening, was a rocker with BURN, SCULPT (my first session 'with' Sean) and FLOW sessions. Loads of exercises from the yoga plank posture across the three sessions so needless to say just sitting here I can feel my shoulders and triceps speaking to me. I'm about to watch the fifth post (which was from yesterday, Week 2, Day 1, which I'll do on Thursday).

All days, except today, I ran before doing the session. Works nicely because I'm warm going into the session and I really work it for the 12 minutes. And the exercises are a great compliment to all my other activities, from running to yoga to pole.

It's handy to be a few days behind the programme as they may only post the day's workouts during the day and you may want to do it in the morning.

I like to download the videos so I can watch them a few times, especially if something is tricky and I need to check form, hand position, technique, coordination etc. I open the video in YouTube and then cut-and-paste the address for the video into KeepVid. I download the smaller of the MP4 file options.

So, how about it? Wanna join me on this rockin' adventure? You can get cracking on Day 1 tomorrow. Keep me posted on how you're doing with it. I'll give you feedback on my progress in two weeks.

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