Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Local running highlights

I have a couple of roads and sections near home that I really enjoy running past; and I do so most days. Even if I mix up my routes, these parts are usually included early on or later into the run.

This evening, Day 2 of '36 Days of Running' I joined my mom on a walk; she's doing '36 Days of Walking'. I took the opportunity to photograph some of my favourite spots.

Palm trees on the way home. When I started road running regularly - 20 years ago! - these palms were so low that I couldn't walk underneath them...
There are very few days when I don't run through this park on my way out or home. I regularly see this guy practicing his golf swing.

There used to be a house on this property and for years it was very overgrown and neglected. Then they started to take the house apart and to cut down trees and clear the vegetation. And then nothing happened for months. And then they bashed down the house. Now nothing has happened again for weeks. Last week I saw a man picking a plant. I stopped to ask him what he was picking, "Morogo", he replied. Ahh.. wild African spinach. He showed me the plant and said that you boil it, throw out the water and put in fresh water and then boil it again. Then it is good to eat. I've often thought that this land would be more useful turned into a big ol' vegetable garden. There are no sale signs and I've got no idea what is planned for this ground or when.

One of my favourite roads. It is rough and peaceful, even though the N3 runs to the left. There's another section to this further down that I love but I've been avoiding it because one house has crazy dogs that get out too frequently. I've had two run ins and don't plan to have any more...

Lots of people were out and about this evening. Saw a tree covered in these. Like thousands of spikey xmas decorations. The guy who lives in the house says they bugger up the lawn mower. He says these dry and harden - rock solid.

'My' park - looking very autumny. I love running around this park and do so regularly. I like watching the colours and foliage change, the rolling lawns and the evening soccer sessions. Does my heart good to run around here.

Evening soccer training. Every day. Fabulous to see the park being used. There's a coach too, who whips his players into shape.

There are many spots and feature in my 'hood that I like to check out and keep an eye on during my 'rounds' - much like a wolf patrolling its territory. And so many things little things, like blossoms and mulberry trees, that give me great pleasure.


Staci said...

Lovely runni g area, really like the park

Rebekah Trittipoe said...

What a treat to be able to picture what it's like where you live! Thanks!