Monday, 14 May 2012

36 Days of Running starts - TODAY

As of today there are 36 days until by 36th birthday, which means that it is time for '36 Days of Running', a repeat of my '35 Days of Running' last year.

There's not much different except that this year my minimum distance will be 5km, not 4km. Other than this, I've got to run every day for 36 days.

Perfect training for the 24hr Rogaine Ireland, which I'm doing over the weekend of 23/24 June with an Irish adventure racer, Sean Murray.

Rogaine Ireland has all come about because my mom (lucky lass) won two flights to Ireland. We timed the trip to coincide with the event and we'll spend the two weeks before the Rogaine doing walking trails around Ireland; some of these will be part of my 36 Days. Ireland was on her hit list as a destination to go walking following her Camino adventure last year. Driving home one day she heard a competition announcement on the radio, entered and a few weeks later got the call saying she'd won the flights. Nice! We've still got to plan our walking stops; getting quite excited for it now. This will be the first time that we're doing an adventure together.

If you're tempted, as per last year, join me for '7 Days of Running' - or any other activity - at any stage during the next month and a bit. Will be nice to have your company.


Fred said...

I'm in

Rebekah Trittipoe said...

Good work. I am in a streak to run 365 in a row. So far, so good. Trying to get my mind and body ready for another adventure in July. Running after that might be the real challenge!