Thursday, 31 January 2013

End of 31-day Challenge

A month ago my mom proposed a 31-day Challenge to get back into the swing of walking regularly. She's planning to do a section of the Camino in France in September. I decided to join her.

Looking back at my log I did fairly well.

Over the past 31 days:
  • I logged 190km
  • On two days I had double running sessions; that's how it happened.
  • I missed seven days of foot-based activity whether running/walking/hiking (without missing these I could have logged around 240km for the month!)
  • On two of those missed days I was so frikkin' stiff from Fred's Westcliff Stairs Challenge that I wasn't even walking so lekker, much less able to run. On one missed day I drove to Dullstroom for Highland Tracks and on another I was at AR Club doing run licenses and memberships. The other three days were not activity free as I was at circus class (one day was an MTB + circus day).
Although running is my primary discipline, I usually aim for five or six runs a week plus other activities like circus. It's a good balance. I had a really good, steady and consistent December so I'm feeling really good. 

My mom did really well. At the start of the Challenge I made her a month planner to tick off her days completed - she doesn't keep a training log. I started off with stickers that I had on hand and then I went and bought prettier, fancier ones. 

She was really consistent but missed a few days. There was the weekend of lots of rain and then the past few days the wheels fell off her routine as she has had to deal with such kuk on a project that she's managing (in short, a consultant hasn't done what he was meant to and they're into testing phase). She's getting back into the swing on things and already her walking has improved.

Nice challenge.

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