Sunday, 6 January 2013

Kudus 15km road race

I ran Varsity Kudus 15km this morning for the first time since 2008! I used to run it most years and, as I recall, I got frightened off by the volume of people in 2008. Well, this year there were probably even more people and the route is quite different from years gone by. It's a good route -  a tough one loaded with ascents in the second half. The route change has made a big difference to the crowd feel - not as much congestion from the start. The mass of runners flowed very smoothly.

I decided from the start to just have a chilled run and to go with the flow - I didn't even bother to try to work my way through the crowd. And I had an awesome and easy run - even walking a dash on some of the hills.

Me with Jason (running friend from Fred's neighbourhood), Fred and Vix. Photo taken by Charlene.

I think I only did two road races last year... Mmm...

Must say, every time I do a road race I thoroughly enjoy the vibe... the rest of the time I can barely face having to wake up so early. But it is a fabulous way to welcome the day.

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