Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Training log

I first started to keep a training log in about 1991 when I received a log booklet at a running race. I kept a paper-and-ink log for a few years and then didn't log much in the mid 2000s. I started logging in late 2008 - this time an Excel spreadsheet. Sure, I've dabbled with online logs but I like to have my file on my computer for my own purposes. I've got no inclination to share my run routes/log daily.

My spreadsheet has columns for run distance and time as well as time entries for other activities like mtb, paddle and 'other'. Other is usually pole dance, yoga and circus class. I hooked up a graph function to represent run distance each month as well as time spent on disciplines - I don't usually use this although the content populates automatically. For me the most important thing is that at least six days a week have entries in one or more columns.

I've never added up mileages or times so I was totally impressed when my friend Ian (in his 40s) posted his run log for the year on the 31st...
339 days of running
Highest week 123km (this week!)
1 sub 3 marathon
A 21km PB (81:05)
7h45 comrades

Seven podiums
Marathons on three continents
Lifetime mileage at 87,028km (including 86 marathons or further) 
So, I added up my mileage for the year... oh goodness. Do I feel inadequate! I've only logged close on 1400 kilometres for the year (minus a number of logs where I was away and couldn't remember what I did). April to June and October to December were my best quarters. I've never been big on high mileage training and it shows in my total vs Ian's. Nonetheless, I'm super impressed with his achievements for the year. To my credit, he isn't putting in 3-5hrs a week of circus school / pole class too.

I'd like to see my running numbers for the year go up so I'm going to aim for over 2000km this year. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.


N said...

A useful web-based training log (if you're ever inclined to head that way) is

It's popular with orienteers, triathletes and adventure racers. Got some nice simple graphics that help you keep track of your training.

adventurelisa said...

Heya Nic.

Ja, I am indeed already on Attackpoint but my only sessions that get logged there are the O event results that Richard posts.

Sarah (and Alex) is using it regularly too and enjoying the interactivity of sharing sessions. Motivating.