Friday, 6 December 2013

Computer fun

For the past couple of weeks I've felt a need for a new laptop. Mine has been getting slower and slower, especially with my big graphics programs. It's taking longer to boot, even my email has delay on opening new messages, replying etc. It's clearly aging and very full. Said laptop is over 4.5 years old and it works hard - often on for 16hrs a day, everyday. It would need more than just a defrag to help it along.

I've been keeping an eye on laptop specials. Last month my mom bought a Lenovo - she has needed to replace her computer for a long time. I liked the look of it but was hoping to catch a good deal on a Dell, which is what I've got. I do love my Dell.

I went into my local store on Wednesday and they still had the Lenovo available but mentioned another machine coming out yesterday/today. I checked online this morning but preferred to stick with the Lenovo. Anyway, I go this morning and they've got no more Lenovos (sent back) and the new special was in -  a Toshiba with similar specs to the Lenovo. I'd had friends with Toshibas and they seem ok, so I went for it.

Windows 8 is a stupid setup. Difficult to find things like download folders and such. I'm sure it will be better after I've customised and moved things around just-so.

I've just started the process of installing software. It's amazing how many programs I use regularly - even just the free stuff like Adobe Reader, Chrome, Google Earth, the program for my GPS logger, Inkscape... And then there are my purchased programs like Adobe Photoshop Elements (and video editor), Office... Gonna take me days to set it up and transfer files, bookmarks, email...

Nice to be starting with a clean machine anyway. Like spring cleaning.

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