Monday, 9 December 2013

Doodling (with henna), crochet, new software to master

As the holiday season approaches I'm feeling so overcooked and all communicationed out. Following the AR World Champs online (since Monday afternoon last week) hasn't done much for my productivity either... And I'm itching to do stuff, make stuff...

Doodling (with henna)
I really like henna tattoos and I've had them done on my arm in India and Abu Dhabi. So, last week I bought some henna powder and I scoured the web for recipes (so many!) and gave it a go. It's quite a concoction with henna powder, lemon juice (acid to release the dye) and essential oil (tee tree - hydrocarbon solvent; henna is hydrophobic).

I did the first test on my mom's sole and then the top of her foot. On Saturday I doodled on my neighbour's foot. I've got less nice designs on the top of my one foot and more on the top of my left hand. What I'm playing with are techniques for darkening the stain. This is affected by the quality and age of the henna, temperature, humidity, where you put the design (darkest on thicket skin like soles of feet, palms of hands as well as tops of feet and hands) and how long you leave the henna paste on your skin.

I've learned about sugar-lemon seals and cling-wrapping the designs to keep it on overnight. This works brilliantly.

These are my first designs...

I came up with an idea well over a year ago to create a landscape blanket... I started it a few weeks ago, making squares here and there. Yesterday I had a totally indulgent afternoon and night - watching tv series on DVD and working my design.

This is what I'm aiming for...

Found this clipart piccie online.
I've done a couple of rows for grass at the bottom. I've been contemplating how to handle the squares that have half-half colours. Over the weekend I completed the sun - and it came out better than I expected.

New software
I want to make a 3D kinda cityscape for a poster design. I did a search and came up with this software - SketchUp. For 3D drawings and designs and plans. I've downloaded and installed - now to give it a go. I have found a few how-tos, which I'll work through. The basic version is free.

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Staci said...

Loving the landscape blanket.