Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A jam-packed year - three cheers!

If there's one good thing to be said about Facebook - and having a blog - it's that these platforms serve as a record of just what goes down during a year. For me, this has been a good year but one that has passed very much in a blur as I've lurched from one project to another, often juggling too many things at one time. I can barely remember one day to the next, never mind differentiating one month from another.

As the year winds down and I'm enjoying some quiet time, I start to look back on the year and there are a number of big happenings that stand out - most notable being running in the five-day Namib Desert ChallengeExpedition Africa (media; writing for the event), my five weeks in Argentina and progress made learning Spanish (a dream pending for seven years; first time skiing), that crazy-intensive TEFL course (11 weeks averaging 50hrs/wk), completion of my British Orienteering Federation coaching qualification (a year-long process), presentation of my first Forest Run (an idea I first had eight to 10 years ago!) and the presentation of the fifth FEAT event - and two mini-FEAT events.

This has been my second-and-a-half year of writing for Cape Union Mart - they're just the most wonderful client. And I think this is also my second-and-a-half year (or third, already!) involved with various sport development projects for the SA Orienteering Federation. Writing and projects for both are close to my heart in terms of interests and passions.

And then smaller things like discovering doodling, weekly runs with my two husky running companions (and trying bikejoring), organising a Metrogaine (I only got around to presenting one), 37 Days of Running, writing (lots of stuff for magazines, FEAT, AR, Forest Run, clients, 138 blog posts already...), my kitty turning 18, AR.co.za turning 12, making my 35th blood donation (last week), Orienteering Schools League and Camp, getting more involved with navigation coaching (super week at Sacred Heart too), learning to twirl tassles, loving circus school and crocheting a bunch of stuff (including my first tree yarn bomb).

I've read a host of great books, listened to some others, worked through Spanish podcasts, watched some good movies and tv series, baked some yummy stuff, visited my favourite little girl (and her folks - Stella turns six months in a few days), I've been fairly consistent with running training - lovely runs with friends too and I've done stimulating and rewarding work for my wonderful clients... no wonder I've barely has time for omphaloskepsis.

This is a problem in itself because I feel as if I've been more reactive than proactive and instead of planning and thinking and considering, I've just been doing. I've participated in few events, haven't been on my bike or in a kayak for... too long and have only been to one yoga class. Can't do everything eh?

Next year? I definitely need to be smarter and more efficient with what I do. I'd love to get back to Argentina over winter for a few weeks to teach English and continue to learn Spanish. Not looking good at the moment (more money than time issue) but very much on my mind and close to my heart.

And of course I'm always looking to improve and continue to build AR, FEAT, Metrogaines, Forest Run plus get some more PR writing work.

And I'm jumping into trying some online courses - starting with an English editing course and a Spanish online course. They start in mid-Jan and run for four weeks each.

With that, I wish you three hearty cheers for a year ahead that is filled with health, fitness, interesting activities and adventures.


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