Saturday, 28 December 2013

Coach AdventureLisa in the house

I'm off this afternoon for a jaunt through to Polokwane. There I'll pick up a car and on Sunday morning I'm hooking up with one of the most fabulous teachers I know, Mary. She teaches at a teeny-tiny high school about 20km outside of Polokwane and she is the most incredible influence in the lives of the teens that she teaches. We'll pick up six of her students to head through to Nelspruit for the five-day Big 5 O event. Indeed, five days of orienteering in the forests of Kaapsehoop - just fabulous.

Mary and her students are my charges for the week. I've got a bunch of orienteering games prepared to hone their skills - map orientation, familiarity of map symbols and colours... everything from memory games to spot-the-difference and cone grids.

And then I've got super cool things like my little iGot-U GPS trackers so that we can do post-run things like looking at where they think they've run vs where they really ran... that's always fun.

My objective is that after five days of orienteering - plus coaching and post-run analysis - they'll be far better by day five than on day one.

I hope that I'll be too! I haven't done many orienteering events this year so I hope for a clear head, good decisions and swift running.

I'll be posting my navigation successes (and not) right here. Event runs on 30 and 31 Dec and then again on 2, 3 and 4 Jan. I think we've got a short rogaining event on the 1st in Kaapsehoop town. Yay!

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