Thursday, 19 December 2013

Spending on other things

I'm a bit of a xmas grinch. It isn't that I don't like the holiday season, more time spent seeing friends and family and the general festivities... it is that I frown upon the shopping-shopping-shopping and unnecessary purchasing of stuff just because one is expected to give gifts. I'd rather see the hard-earned pennies of my friends and family be better spent on things other than hand lotion and chocolates - which I do like, but don't need.

I do love pressies but I think they should be for better reasons than 'because it's xmas'.

But I'm not completely immune... As there are very few people for whom I buy xmas pressies (generally limited to my folks and my cat), I did have fun buying stationery for my domestic helper's children (a girl and a boy in high school) - for their school year next year.

Ever practical, I did add a slightly frivolous touch with a Jenga-type game, which should keep them occupied during the school holidays and for many years to come as this is really an all-ages family game.

And then I headed off for my festive-season blood donation. I usually go between xmas and New Year (high demand period) but as I've got the Big 5 Orienteering event from the 30th and into January I thought it a better plan to go earlier. The ladies at my local donor centre are such sweeties - so I took through some cupcakes for them to enjoy.

I've had a good donation year. You have to do at least three donations a year to maintain 'regular blood donor' status and your maximum is six times a year. With very little long-event participation this year, I've done five donations. Whoop-whoop ;)

And this past weekend I indulgently spent time doing some crochet. This time I tried my hand at some xmas ornaments.

'Rory the Reindeer' (for friends), two snowmen (for my favourite boys) and two snowflakes (the one on the red is about 25cm wide; the one on purple is about 10cm wide).

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