Monday, 2 June 2014

38 Days of Running - back on track

As expected, I was completely thrown off track with Expedition Africa and while I was on my feet and walking a lot, it's not running. And with my mind so immersed in the race and rocking on two to four hours sleep a night...  I'll extend to an additional week after my birthday.

I got home last night and so today I ran to the huskies to take them for a run. They were delighted to see me and we had a good outing even though the weather is still a bit warm for them. When the cold fronts start coming through they're going to run longer and harder, which will be fun.

A selfie with Toscana

The grass at our local park has been cut beautifully - this started before I left - and it looks amazing.

Husky love.

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Staci said...

Welcome back to Jhb. Can't wait to hear what your next adventure is going to be.