Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Boxing: Round 2

Following my one-on-one boxing session with Vuyo on Friday morning, I hit the Undisputed Fitness Gym on Monday and Tuesday evening to try their group 'Boxfit' class. The class mixes up a bit of this and a bit of that with boxing elements to give a superb all-over workout that left me quite worked over.

The Monday night class focused of functional fitness with 30-second boxing combos (punching bag) mixed in with squats, push-ups, jumping jacks and other. After the initial warm up exercises and a short outdoor run, we rotated through 'stations' in smaller groups - boxing ring (sparring with a coach), punching bags and the mat. Sit ups, squats, push-ups, planks were the order of the evening. Phew!

The gym is only 3km from home so it is perfect to run to and from, which is what I did. I was feeling pretty tired on the run home.

Last night I was back for more. Surprisingly I wasn't as stiff in the arms and chest and shoulders as I'd expected - although I could definitely feel the effects of Monday night's session.

The class last night mixed in even more boxing - punch bag and some sparring - with a ton more push ups. Oh yes, I can feel my muscles calling my name today. We also did a bunch of wicked ab drills at the end of the session - it's easier to roll over to get up than it is to sit-up today... I felt better on the run home but this morning I've got a number of stiff spots that are sure to be more pronounced tomorrow.

There's a good mix of men and women, young and old. I chatted to a few of the people last night - a friendly group who encourage each other to work harder.

I went into trying this with the view of just giving it a go. I've got more than enough hobbies and activities and disciplines (many way too neglected) to take on any more.

While I don't intend to become a member here, I really do like this place. What stands out for me is that this is an independent gym and the owner, Byron, is there teaching classes, helping out and chatting to the participants. The gym is clean and neat and tidy and it has a warm and personal feel to it. I've been made to feel very welcome by Byron and the enthusiastic trainers.

Having spent 16 years at Virgin Active (formerly Health & Racquet Club), I can attest to the value of a training facility where the owner is interested and invested in you - much like the yoga studio where I feel very at home. Not all studios have this same warmth and personal feel - it's all about the owners and how they've setup their facility.

Undisputed Fitness Gym (Bedfordview) scores big-time points with me and I look forward to trying a few more classes next week.

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