Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Oh, oh, oh, take a tumble

I'm generally fairly fleet footed and it isn't often that I trip or stumble and I don't often fall - usually reserved for forest orienteering events.

Sure, I do occasionally catch a toe or foot and end up lurching forward, but it isn't a common occurrence.

Tonight I clipped a toe on uneven paving and about a kilometre later I landed on the ground after clipping something else. I think that this is maybe my first or second road tumble ever - in more than 20 years!

I was on an uneven sidewalk (dirt and rough uneven paving in places), going around a corner and moving aside for an approaching pedestrian. And next minute I was skidding across the dirt surface and my running buddy, Rob, was helping me up. It happened in a flash.

When it comes to forest running, I'm well used to expecting to trip and stumble and sometimes fall. There's just no getting around running on pine needles, stepping on a hidden branch that flicks up another branch over which you're guaranteed to trip. I don't always fall - lurching is more common, but occasionally I end up with a soft landing on a bed of pine needles, which is usually A-ok.

But this time I wasn't expecting to trip - or fall - so it was a bit of a surprise more than anything else.

I've got a grazed left knee and a grazed right palm. I may have a bruise on my left hip tomorrow from landing on it. But otherwise no other aches, pains or injuries. Phew!

Hopefully that's my tumbling done for the next two decades!

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