Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Runtastic, funtastic

I don't often run with my mobile phone on me. Very rarely and usually only if there is another runner/s with me.

I heard about the Runtastic app yesterday and what caught my attention is that someone at their computer can login and watch you moving on the map (Nevarest offers similar functionality for sports events).

I loaded the app on my phone last night and will try it this afternoon when I run with my friend. I did login on my computer to watch the tracks of a couple of people - quite amazing.

You can search for people that you know are on Runtastic and if you know they're out running/ biking/ paddling (like in a race), you can follow their movements. It's like following an adventure race online. Hahahaha.

Also, say your partner heads out for a long run, you can keep tabs on them from home to make sure they're ok and to know when they're returning home.

Runtastic uses mobile towers for your location or GPS for greater accuracy.

There are loads of training apps available and I think they can be super fun - especially for online tracking of friends and relations participating in events like the Metrogaine next week Wednesday (18 June) and the rogaining events at the end of July.

So, I'll give it a try tonight to see how it works but I'm not going to change my habits any time soon to be running regularly with my phone (risky) nor posting workouts to social media. Not my thing. There are super motivational functions to these apps, which are cool, but which I don't need. It's really the tracking - and online following potential - that totally appeals to me - and I see this as being great fun to use at races.

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