Tuesday 26 November 2019

Celebrating the end of a relationship

The start of a relationship is always celebrated, yet the ending tends to be hidden while word goes round in hushed tones. Personally, I like to celebrate the end of relationships in a nod to the past that sculpts who we are now and for the opportunities that the future holds.

The time has come for Celliers and I to end our personal relationship. We've been together for five-odd years, living together in Parys for four. We've faced challenges that no relationship should have to go through and this has taken its toll.

You'll be pleased to know that Celliers and I do not hate each other. We still work together and we have many projects on the go. One thing that we do very well is to work together. Our skills and talents complement each other and there is no way that either one of us alone could have created what we have with YOLO Green, then Vagabond Kayaks and now Paddle With Us these past three years.

Friends, we do not need to divide you up. You can invite us to the same events, dinners and braais :)

Three cheers to the past, present and future.


In Celliers' post on Facebook he writes:

"I could not have said it better. Lisa and myself have had an incredible 5 years together, with some amazing highs and some serious lows. We are parting ways on the best of terms. Friends for life and partners in business. As Lisa wrote, our skills complement each other and we will continue to build on the different businesses we started together and tackle new projects. 

Yes friends, absolutely no need to choose between us. We share the same social community and there should be no division of any sort. Thank you all for your support while we piece together our individual futures, which will no doubt involve each other, one way or another."