Wednesday 20 September 2017

When you feel like you can run forever

It doesn't happen often. Last night I had one of those runs where you feel like you can run forever. The temperature was mild, the air was fresh, I was out with Rusty and I just felt... good.

About two months ago I caught a nasty cough and throaty-chesty thing that just wouldn't go away completely. It didn't make me overtly ill, but I wasn't right either.

It was only a week ago that our whole household got hit with a virus. It started with me at about 21h00 on the Sunday night feeling nauseous and within an hour I'd started vomiting. By 01h00 I was joined by Ruben and then Kyla and then Celliers. The virus has done the rounds in town so it wasn't a food-related illness; just a bad bug.

While Celliers and the kids stayed home on the Monday, I had to be out-and-about to set up for last week's agricultural show. I got in a much-needed one-hour nap in the afternoon and a lie-down later and that was it. Fortunately by Tuesday morning I was mostly recovered.

Last night it felt so good to feel good again. Not every run is like this, but those that are keep us going.

Me and Rusty at parkrun on Saturday morning. She is running so well. The mornings are already quite warm so we took it easy - look at that long tongue. She plopped down in front of the water bowl at the finish (she refuses to drink on the route, despite a dog bowl at the turnaround and a tap towards the finish).

Tuesday 19 September 2017

We didn't win but what an experience

We didn't win at the Sage Small Business Awards with 702; but what a good experience this has been.

From filling in the form to the on-air interview, video crew at our factory and this afternoon at the 702 studio with the other finalists, it has been an uplifting experience.

Aside from the wider exposure and subsequent orders, which we appreciate and need, just being selected as a finalist has been a pat-on-the-back to say we're OK, our product is a good one and it is interesting. This has been a thumbs-up that we needed.

We're enjoying great feedback and interactions from customers, which makes up for the generally tough time that small businesses go through to get them off the ground.

The past year has definitely not been all 'Facebook'. It has been tough and the road is not going to be any less bumpy for some time.

There is light. We're making a great product. And we're making a difference too.

I'm off on Thursday morning to head to The Garden Show in Pietermaritzburg - it runs Friday to Monday.

Hip-hip-hooray for YOLO!

Monday 18 September 2017

Sage Small Business Awards with 702 finalist

I am caught up in the most delicious whirlwind of excitement around our YOLO Compost Tumblers.

We are a finalist in the Sage Small Business Awards with 702. Last week Wednesday I was interviewed in the evening on Bongani's show and we have had such a great response from this.

On Thursday their video crew came through to our factory and we moulded a compost tumbler shell there and then to show them the process. They have created a lovely 45-second video showcasing our small business and featuring the guys who work all the magic in the factory - Joseph M., Joseph W., Jeremiah, Abe and Thabiso.

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be in Jo'burg, at 702's studio, for the finals. I have no idea how it works but I am excited nonetheless.

The first prize is a laptop (and I'm sorely in need of a new one!), a year of Sage accounting software and R250,000 in airtime advertising on 702. Oh wow!

There are two second prizes with Sage accounting software and R125,000 in airtime advertising.

I'll be very delsighted with either of these.

That two minutes of interview on the radio can have such an impact on our business... Imagine what an effect a campaign can have!

Sunday 10 September 2017

Moon-hunting walk

Wednesday was full moon so on Thursday evening I headed off to Otters with Rusty, my mom, her dog Tansy and Kyla. We were meeting up with Karen and her dogs Rocksy and Skally for a walk to a good vantage point to watch the moon coming up.

Selfie - that's the main Otters Haunt gate behind me and mom and Tansy coming up the track. Karen, Kyla and dogs where ahead. Tansy sometimes refuses to walk and has to be carried for some encouragement...
Me and my mom - and Tansy. I got the shadow across my face but figured it was a nice photo of me and mom together - worth posting. xxx
My mom and Kyla hadn't been to the quarry side before so it was nice to show them a new part of our regular haunt.

Skally in front. She is Karen's new companion. Sadly Karen said goodbye to very old Shadow on Wednesday. That's Rocksy near Kyla. Karen is behind Kyla and Liz and Tansy behind them. Rusty was with me.
Rusty xxx
So, we got up high and checked out the view of the hills of the Vredefort Dome and looked towards Parys from where the moon would be rising.

No moon.

So we continued along the trail, the light fading fast. Still no moon.

We walked all the way back to Otters in the dark. Still no moon.

We drove home (only a few minutes). Still no moon.

We were right monkeys! Of course, we could have looked up the moon rise time but we figured that it would just be a little later than the night before. I still haven't looked it up but by 19h30 the moon was still nowhere to be seen.

Nonetheless, the hunting the moon is what got us out for an enjoyable walk. The air was warm, the air was fresh and it was a joy to be out with friends and dogs in the dark and to see the lights of the town and farmhouses all around. Spring is on its way out (already!) and summer is on its way in.

I'm definitely game for more moon walks. Even if we don't see the moon.